Saturday, 19 February 2011

The King's Speech heard in Hungary

Last night we went to see "A király beszéde", "The King's Speech" to non-Hungarian speakers.

We hadn't expected it to arrive here for some time yet so it was very exciting to go along to the Odeon Lloyd Mozi to see it. The Odeon Lloyd is a small, old cinema, from the outside like an aparment building where the proscenium is in the roofed courtyard. It has a great little bar and has the best DVD library in the city, so attracts a lot of cinema fans. In fact, it's the closest thing here to Sheffield's Showroom, one of our favourite destinations.

And last night, like at the Showroom, we met someone we knew in the bar, Angela and Jack, American friends made through the North American Women's Association.

And we really enjoyed the film. Great drama, great performances and a fascinating story, the personal struggle set against the developing political struggle in Europe. Most of the audience seemed to be young Hungarians, and they seemed to find much of it quite amusing, especially the 'fucks' and shits' used in the therapy.

Bertie's refusal to give in to his impediment moves along with Britain's refusal to give in to Nazi Germany, and I mused on what the Hungarian audience thought, given the country's role in the Second World War. But perhaps they didn't think about it at all, and that the issue was the result of my own indoctrination, growing up in post-war Britain on a diet of war anniversaries, films and histories.

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