Sunday, 21 February 2010

On no television

Although I have a rather large television in the corner of my apartment it is not connected to any aerial, and, unless I paid a large monthly amount to a cable provider, I would end up having to watch Hungarian television. Now, I have no comment to make about the quality of the local programming, but it would all be completely incomprehensible, so the television is not used.

So living on my own without anyone to talk to I have had to find other things to occupy my time in the evenings, and apart from writing blog entries I have really enjoyed reading more books and listening to music. As well as trying to learn Hungarian and preparing for my French A-level examination in April.

What will happen when I come back to Britain? Will the television re-enter my life? Probably, but perhaps not. We shall see.

Several people have commented to me about how much they have enjoyed the links to music that I have provided in previous blogs. One of my readers told me that she found herself dancing around her kitchen at 6 am one Monday morning, listening to some gypsy music. That makes it all worthwhile.

So in case anyone is wondering what to do early one morning before going to work, here are some links you might like to explore.

Besh O Drom are a Hungarian band worth checking out:
Meggyujtom a Pipam
Ha Megfogom az Ordogot

Magnifico & Turbolenza I think are Slovenian, and I rather like this song, although the video is perhaps somewhat dubious.

The Cimbaliband are also Hungarian and are, I think, playing in Budapest next weekend so I may check them out.

Finally, in the spirit of Balkan solidarity, I caught this item on the BBC web site about 'pop folk' in Bulgaria. Worth a watch, but I'm not sure that I'll be heading out to see any of them if they show up here.


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